Hangar develops several International Residency Programs that give non-resident artists in Portugal or Lisbon, the opportunity to live and work in Lisbon for a period between 1 and 3 months. The program aims to facilitate the international exchange and the exchange of ideas through artistic practice in the areas of visual arts, performance, photography and video.

Through strategic partnerships in the international art world and institutions linked to cultural production and artistic research in various countries and through the Triangle Network Hangar program aims to strengthen the existing exchange between Portugal, Europe, Africa and South America.

There are two formats to the Residency Program: Host Residencies (spontaneous application, subject to approval) and Visiting Artists Residency (invitation and open call, subject to a jury selection).

For more information please access our guidelines.

180º Artistas ao Sul is one of the undergoing Residency Programs.

At the moment the Residency Program  Longitudes 180º Artistas ao Sul is in action.

Ongoing residencies

Sean Negus - 3

Sean Negus

June 2021

Residencies 2021

_MG_0125 as Smart Object-1

Eva Vei

August 2021
Ryan Hollaway - 3

Ryan Hollaway

October 2021
Whiteford Catriona 1

Catriona Whiteford

July 2021
Landscape water 100x100 oil on canvas

Aurélie Malbec

July 2021
Christine Enrègle 4

Christine Enrègle

July 2021

Joel Swanson

August 2021
Maria Gabler - la_galeria2

Maria Gabler

August / September 2021

Flávia Bertinato

August / September / October 2021

Artūras Čertovas

September 2021

Paula Bullwinkel

September 2021
saalfeld_years of sameness

Elina Saalfeld

October 2021

Giulia Frascino

October 2021

Yanyun Chen

December 2021

Alison Muro

December 2021 / January 2022

Previous Residences

Alvaro Ugarte 6

Alvaro Ugarte

May 2021
edit_Martin_Buschmann 1

Mari Männa

March / April / May 2021
Rouzbeh Akhbari - 2

Rouzbeh Akhbari

April 2021
1815 FC X D.C.H.A. X DDR - Save Our Park, Mount Joy Square, August 2019

Jennifer Moore

April 2021

John-Patrick Ayson

March / April 2021

Mariella Louise Otto

February 2021

João Ana

January – February 2021

Raquel Algaba Lopez

November 2020

Javier Rodríguez Lozano

November – December 2020

Ángela Jiménez Durán

December 2020


December 2020

Carolina Monterrubio

October 2020

Nicholas Rispoli

May 2020

Eleonora Quadri

September 2020

Miro Bersi

September 2020

Annie Nicholson

August 2020

Eva Maria Jimenez

August 2020
AlexanderEdwards 1

Alexander Edwards

Julho – Agosto 2020

Christine Enrègle

June – July 2020

Austin Turley

April – June 2020

Liz Penniman

March – April 2020

Tracy Kimmons

March 2020

Bentley Anderson

March 2020

Doofan Kwaghhool

February – 2020

Goran Tomcic

February – April 2020

Ila Mira

January – February 2020

Hugo Brazão

January 2020 – February 2020

Miriam Sedacca

January 2020 – February 2020

Ketelyn Scrittori & Renata Daibes

January – February 2020

Julia Gallo

November 2019 – January 2020

180º | Artistic Residency

180º Artistas ao Sul (180 Artists of the South) (2015-2018) is a residency program that focuses on the artistic and cultural context of Lisbon intended for artists from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and São Tome. This objective of this artistic residency project is to contribute to the development of the artistic careers and internationalization of the participating artists. The residency aims to strengthen the work of the 180 artist network as well as encourage the production artistic new work. Another important goal of the project is to promote cultural exchanges and disseminate ideas that forge creative connections with international afro-lusophone artistic communities. This project provides artists a set of conditions that provoke reflection on the constant question about the contemporary artistic practices. The 180 ARTISTS OF THE SOUTH program includes studio works, artist talks, a performance program, cinema cycles, study visits, an educational program and parallel program of artists and curators. The duration of this program is 3 years and it relies on support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The 180 PROGRAM includes various event programming (artistic talks, seminars, performances, concerts, masterclass, education workshops) that establishes a creative dialogue between these diverse artists and the diverse public of Lisbon.

Triangle Network

Triangle Network is a network of artists, artists’ groups and arts organisations, which has been growing since 1982 and is currently present in more then 30 countries. Through a programme of international residencies and workshops, together with public manifestations such as open days, exhibitions and a number of outreach activities, Triangle initiates the exchange of ideas through practice: a hands-on approach that relies on dialogue, process and openness.

Through its activities it has developed a unique web of exchange projects that connects local artists with their peers in neighbouring countries as well as further afield. In the last two decades, network partners have worked with over 4,000 artists. In Africa alone, more than a thousand artists have been to workshops and residencies within the continent or other parts of the world. Such exchange programes have made a huge impact on artists’ careers, helping them to develop innovative and experimental work and raising their profile nationally and internationally.