Xullaji by Ricardo December 16, 2020 0 Portfolios
Xullaji is an hip hop and spoken word artist.
In addition to his music, does sound design and composition for theatre and visual arts, under the name soundslikenuno. In the theatre, he has signed several pieces between Lisbon and London. He is currently a collaborator with The Griot theatre company where he has worked since 2013 making music and/or sound design pieces and recently acting.
As a sound designer he collaborated with VHILS in his solo exhibitions: Haze – Cincinnati 2020, Incision – Curutiba 2019, Fragments Urbains – Paris 2018, Debris – Macau 2017, Debris – Hong Kong 2016, Dissection – Lisbon 2014; and Monica de Miranda in Pós-Arquivo, Lisbon, 2020, South Circular – MAAT Lisbon, 2019, Dó – Luanda 2018, Beauty – Carlos Carvalho Gallery 2018.
Xullaji is also co-founder of the Peles Negras Mascaras Negras (“Black Skins Black Masks”) – theatre for blackness. This began as a forum theatre group, and today with theatre, music, literacy and other tools, maintains a practice of horizontal discussion with the Cape Verdean and Guiné Bissau community through art.
Musically, he’s currently focused on the project prétu. In this project, he juxtaposes Cape Verdean music samples with electronic influences to express his thoughts on pan-Africanism and the political context of Africa and its diaspora.