Mini-Hangar, as part of the Participation program, is a space dedicated to educational and recreational activities of artistic scope, aimed for the school and local communities, and developed in interaction with the artistic community of Hangar. Mini-Hangar activities comprise: workshops, a library, a gallery and a residency program.
Mini-Hangar proposes activities for children and young people that, in collaboration artists from a number of different disciplines, will work on issues related to everyday culture, the arts ant the social sciences. The program aims to be a creative and safe place of learning through art, on various topics of relevance to the geographical context in which it operates.

Mini Hangar is a space where learning is developed through art: children are the artists and the spectators. The impact of the creative side of human beings is developed early in a safe space and designed to the scale of what is being small.


The program, which will take place in Mini Hangar and partner schools, consist of:

  1. Workshops for leisure time, including: animation, art, environmental art, photography, video, creative writing and architecture;
  2. Creative workshops in partner schools, adapted to the school curriculum;
  3. Workshops for families.

Mini-Hangar includes a library and activities around the children’s creative writing, with staged stories with writers and actors. This activity covers children and families in the community. Also plans to have a dynamic program for school groups accompanied by their educators, teachers and monitors (by appointment only).