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Austin Turley is a contemporary artist whose objects and images investigate themes of presence, memory, time, and vulnerability within the layers of human existence. He received a BFA in sculpture in 2013 from Pacific Northwest College of Art. After graduating Austin worked as a glass caster at Bullseye Glass Company for four years. He has been awarded residences from Glean (Portland, OR), Arquetopia (Puebla, Mexico), Hinge Arts at the Kirkbride (Fergus Falls, MN), Pilotenkueche (Leipzig, Germany) and grants from the Oregon Arts Commission, Springboard for the Arts, and Regional Arts and Cultural Council. Austin is represented by Gray Contemporary (Houston, TX) and currently resides in Portland, OR.

Spontaneity, improvisation, and techniques of the bricoleur are the result of keen observations which can lead to finding relevancy in the unexpected. Turley believes his modes of making are parallel to those of the bricoleur, exploring the notion that science and mystical thought are equivalent approaches to understanding the world around us.