HANGAR is an Artistic Research Center located in Graça, Lisbon. HANGAR includes a center of exhibitions, artistic residencies, and artistic studies. It is also a center of education, talks, and conversations that unify geographic locations, cultures and identities and stimulate the development of artistic and theoretical practices.

HANGAR also seeks to organize and produce the development of artistic inter-disciplinary projects and visual arts projects that focus on Lisbon as a central backdrop for contemporary culture.

HANGAR is an independent space managed by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research, and reflection artistic practices. This space is a point of convergence of various areas of contemporary artistic processes.


HANGAR was born out of the will of a group of artists, curators, and producers belonging to Xerem and their close collaborators. This group of people sought to create conditions for artistic creation and research that operated closely with urban Lisbon.

HANGAR aims to encourage the creative and formative possibilities of exploratory artistic practices and interact with different local agents. The artists, curators and other agents of HANGAR— national and international— will be challenged with creating a global platform with which to exchange ideas and experiences. HANGAR will encourage experimentation and cross-disciplinary practices as a means of personal and collective growth.

Here are the specific lines of action of HANGAR:

  • Encourage artistic interaction and exploration of the urban environment especially in the contexts of memory, space and people.
  • Interact with the public urban spaces.
  • Create a space of research and arts, collective consciousness, and local history.
  • Interact with the figures of the  local community (residents and merchants) as well as comprehensive artistic context (galleries and foundations).
  • Develop  exhibitions, seminars, workshops.
  • Develop workshops, courses and projects in art and education.
  • Develop international artistic residencies, network exchanges of artists, and other cultural actors.

Support Hangar

HANGAR is a project promoted by XEREM, a non-profit organization. HANGAR is a cooperative platform of artists and various sectors of public and private institutions that encourages local and international cultural artistic production.

HANGAR creates a network of partners and sponsors who engage in a participatory process to accomplish concrete goals. We are open to proposals to strengthen and support our mission that supports the development of research and artistic production through the activities organised in the HANGAR center. Private and public contributions is essential to the continuity of the project.

For more information on how you can support the project as well as the benefits of contributing to HANGAR, please feel free to contact us through geral[at]hangar.com.pt.


XEREM is a cultural association which aims to organize, develop, implement and disseminate cultural, multidisciplinary and intercultural projects within social, artistic, and educational fields.

It aims to promote activities locally, nationally and internationally by

XEREM collaborates with public and private institutions, involving artists and diverse communities, to promote local, national, and international activities.

Objectives of XEREM include:

  • Consult and curate the fields of visual, performing, cinema, audio-visual, and multimedia arts (among other intersections of art).
  • Promote social action through art- in particular intersections within public spaces.
  • Produce and disseminate contemporary artistic creation in multidisciplinary perspectives (working with museums, architecture, urban planning, science, literature, etc.)
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, educational and therapeutic events in the context of formal education
  • Offer vocational training
  • Create residencies and artistic development of creative networking platforms
  • Publish and distribute artworks and printed and digital publications.