Residencies in Transit

The Residences in Transit Program follows the same format as the residences in Hangar in terms of structure and methodology, but is developed towards a cultural exchange between Portugal and foreigner countries.
These residences take place in various destinations through collaborations with artists, art spaces and local guides for creative input and cultural exchanges.
Residences in Transit aims to facilitate the encounter of different nationalities and the exchange of ideas through artistic practices in the areas of visual arts, performance, music, photography and video. The goal is to develop a residence during an artistic trip which, by its site-specific nature, creates opportunities for local artists and audiences and promotes cultural exchanges.

The artists participate either by invitation and by an Open Call. The program aims to correct asymmetries of access to cultural creation and to international residences, by offering conditions that help the development of artistic projects in a context of cultural exchange between the partners and artists involved in the project.

The strategic partners are: RRAM (Sao Tome), Kooshk (Iran), Panal 361 (Buenos Aires), Paos (Mexico City). Hangar also develops residences in Ethiopia. As part of the collaboration agreement, artists from the partner organizations will come to Hangar as residents at its headquarters in Lisbon.




Residencies in transit, Hangar’s collaborative program that take place in various destinations through collaborations with artists and art spaces, welcomes Olavo Amado, artist  from Roça Residência Artística do Mundo, São Tomé e Príncipe. Amado will be at Hangar during March 2018. A self-taught artist, in 2002 he began his career in São Tomé, where he lives and works.


We are happy to announce that our new cycle of Residencies in transit in collaboration with other independent art spaces had began with R.A.P. Residencias de Arte Panal, in Buenos Aires – Argentina with the Portuguese artist Andreia Santana and will take place between December and January. More residencies will be announced shortly.

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