Mariella Louise Otto by Ricardo February 02, 2021 0 Portfolios

Mariella Louise Otto, born 1990, is a Swedish artist, currently working between Malmö and Lisbon. She received her Bachelor degree from the Art Academy in Bergen and recently graduated with an MA in Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy

Otto’s work often depart from ideas on language and ways in which we embody, stage or enact narratives – considering the body as a ‘site of information’ or ‘scene’, with connections to our socio-political present and past. Archive material, historical figures and texts are merged with her own material and images, in formats of video montage, installation, assemblage or printed matter.

In the past years she has exhibited works at Bloc Projects (Sheffield, GB), Galleri KVIT (Copenhagen, DK), Friday Exit (Vienna, AU), KICA (Krasnodar, RU), Skissernas Museum (Lund, SE) and Inter Arts Center (Malmö, SE). She received the
Assistant grant (Ângela Ferreira, PT) from the Swedish Arts Council, 2019 and Erik Sääf’s Fond from Konstakademien, 2020.

In 2021 she has been commissioned to make a sound-piece, for the project Raumdeuter Radio, curated by Joe Rowley – launching as part of GIBCA, (Gothenburgs International Biennial for Contemporary Art)