María Gabler by Icaro April 13, 2021 0 Portfolios

María Gabler (Santiago, 1989) creates site-specific installations that criticize the places into which they intervene. This approach is based on the observation of constructive and architectural characteristics of each place, but also of their historical and cultural context. The materials and techniques of her work are generally linked to the field of construction: timber, iron, expanded polystyrene, among others. These materials allow her to create on a habitable scale and transgress the limit between art and architecture.

Gabler’s works explore how elements of the constructed world interact and inform viewers of their place within private and public spaces. Through her installations, she seeks to transform the level of awareness we have of our experiences by interrupting the codes and structures that determine the way we relate with architecture, art, objects and the spaces in which they are arranged or found.

Since her first solo show in 2011, she has made six individual exhibitions and participated in more than fifteen collective ones. Her work has been renowned several times (like the first prize at “Showroom Pavilion” in ChACO Art Fair 2011 and 3rd place of CCU Grant 2015) and she has been awarded receiving public funding for her artistic production in two times (FONDART 2015 and 2017). Also, in 2018 she was commissioned to do a temporary installation at Centex Valparaiso, building which houses the Chilean Arts and Culture Ministry, and since 2020 one of her works is part of the Contemporary Art Collection of that institution.

Her residency at Hangar is a Project Funded by the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts of Chile 2021.