Uma Visita Inesperada by Icaro October 14, 2022 0 Mini-hangar, News

Synopsis: Curiosity and Freedom receive an unexpected visit, which changes their day. Luckily Courage was nearby and everything ends in harmony.

Schedule: October 22 at 5pm

Age group: 4-8 years

The book is on sale at the bookstore Tigre de Papel (Arroios), Dentu Zona (Cova da Moura), Falas Afrikanas (book fairs all over the country)


The children’s book, Uma Visita Inesperada, written by translator, journalist and cultural activist Carla Fernandes, with illustrations by Alexandre Matos, will be launched on Saturday, October 22nd, at 5pm, at Hangar, in Lisbon.

The presentation will be in charge of mother and daughter duo Ariana and Madalena Furtado.

Ariana Furtado is a teacher and coordinator at Escola Básica do Castelo, in Lisbon.

Madalena Furtado will accompany her mother through a reading of Uma Visita Inesperada,

Angolan pianist João Oliveira will create the sound environment of the event, which is expected to be a moment of conviviality and exchanges between children from eight to eighty. Interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language by Teresa Figueiredo.