MINI-HANGAR | ATELIER | PAPER SCULPTURES by Ricardo January 30, 2020 0 Mini-hangar, News

22 February 2020
3pm — 5pm
5 years – 10 years
€20 general public, €16 Hangar friends or membersSubject to registration, children/families
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What is a sculpture? Why do artists create sculptures? What materials can be used to make a sculpture? Who decides where a sculpture can be placed? Can sculptures be made of paper? A sculpture is a three dimensional work of art that can be made of various materials including wood, stone, found objects, metal, or paper. After discussing the definition of a sculpture, and being shown examples of sculptures by various artists, students will think about what they want to express/celebrate with their sculpture. They will be given a “base” to build on and be shown how to manipulate the strips of paper into an arch, twist, or fold. Students will been couraged to experiment with the paper, building vertically, intertwining the paper, and adding texture by tearing and scrunching the paper. Each artists will have the opportunity to title their work and share it with the group.

Concepção e Orientação

Raquel Cardoso

Raquel Cardoso is an artist and art educator who believes that we are most connected to our authentic selves and the world around us when we are creating. She has spent the last 18 years sharing this vision with her students in the Boston Public Schools, focusing on themes of social justice, identity and honoring each child’s personal experience and voice. She believes that her role is to provide the creative space, tools and techniques for students to manifest their ideas and vision.She immigrated to the U.S from Portugal when she was a child and has always felt connected to others who straddle two countries and cultures like herself. She has recently returned to Lisbon to focus more deeply on her art practice.Raquel holds a MSAE from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Sontag Prize for UrbanEducation. She has spent the last five years leading workshops and professional development on Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices, introducing teachers to best practices in supporting a diverse group of students to communicate freely on topics of identity, social justice, and other contemporary issues.She has partnered with many institutions in the Boston area, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the institute of Contemporary Art and is excited to be teaching at Hangar here in Lisbon where she has found much inspiration.