ART CLUB | with Susana Anágua by Icaro April 20, 2022 0 Mini-hangar, News

Artist Educator: Susana Anagua

6 to 14 years old

Date: 23 and 30 April 2022

Time: 11 am – 1 pm

Location: R. Damasceno Monteiro, 12, 1170-112 Lisbon

Price: €35 monthly (4 workshops) + €5 insurance (materials included) + Membership or €10 per session

For more information and registration: or +351 93 843 90 60

Tile: Estórias em Movimento

© Ana Sophie Salazar


Inspired at first by the works of the artists in the exhibition and the relationship with the proposed theme, this workshop intends to be a space for the creation of stories and plastic exploration from the relationships between images and words, telling stories from the past and the present. The final product will be in addition to a graphic notebook, a set of posters and photographic images.