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Local: MINI-HANGAR | Rua Damasceno Monteiro, 12 (Graça)
Dates: 24,25 and 26 February
For kids between 5 and 12 years
Number of children: minimum of 5 and maximum of 12
Register: || 21 887 1481
3 days: 75€ / child – Online Registration
1 day: 25€ / child – Online Registration
½ day: 15€ / child – Online Registration
Includes materials and personal accidents insurance.
20% discount for brothers.
20% discount for members.
Food not given (it’s the responsibility of parents the morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack).
Mini-Hangar is in charge of giving treats!
MINI-HANGAR reserved the right not to carry out the activity, if the minimum number of registrations is not filled.

Parade from a previous workshop in Brazil



We will develop and create a “Mini-Hangar” Carnival Parade. We will do all the creative process to create a very happy, inspiring and fun parade!
Each day, we will work on different stages for the parade to happen. We will do props, masks, costumes, physical activities, theatrical games, etc. We will utilize and explore different materials, recycled materials, improvised and transformed accessories.


Natalia Grego

Natalia Grego, artist born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, where she concluded in 2009 the visual arts course at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Currently, she is living in Lisbon and has double nationality.

In the beginning of her career, she worked and inspired activities such as circus, yoga and dance – activities in which she performs until today. Meanwhile, the language of graffiti and street art invaded her life.
Natalia had different professional experiences in artistic areas. She worked in different places, cinema producers, photography studios, advertisement agencies, street art galleries, and others. Had an intense experience with scenography and art directing. She worked in Brazil, Argentina and here in Lisbon, with dance performances, theater, cinema, concerts and festivals.

Currently she is an Art Educator and develops creativity classes through visual arts and physical activities (circus acrobacies and yoga).

Parallel to this professional experience, Natalia has an authorial work as an artist and expresses by different mediums such as photography, painting, video and engraving. Her works always have traits related with movement and space. The artist has already exhibited in Brazil and Portugal.