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Our first edition of the ‘Collector’s Series’, titled ‘Artists & Cities’, is a 280-page hybrid magazine featuring sixty artists and collectives from six cities in Africa and five women leaders in the African art world. It brings together a diverse and uncommon range of artistic practices from the continent, expanding what is presented and commonly promoted as African art today.

Lagos, Accra x Kumasi, Cape Town, Kinshasa, Addis Ababa and Marrakech take centre stage as we examine the relationship between art, artists and cities and show the role of art and artists in city-making, especially in Africa. Each city is a starting point for examining the featured artists’ works and various societal issues. The publication is visually attractive and features contributions by well-known critics and young voices championing art from the continent and the diaspora.

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TÍTULO ORIGINAL | Artists & Cities
ANO DE EDIÇÃO | 2023 | Nº PP | 280
PVP 30€

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