Mário Macilau by Ricardo Abril 18, 2020 0 Portefólios

Mário Macilau (Maputo, Mozambique, 1984)

Mário Macilau´s photography artwork focuses on political, social and cultural issues, linked to the radical transformations of the humans in time and space. In his photography, he deals with the complex reality of human labor and the environmental conditions evolving over the times, using the images he captures as a form of visual confrontation that state a line of reflection to the reality. His work has been recognised with awards and featured regularly in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in his home country and abroad and also his work is collected by many art enthusiasts throughout the world, and has been featured in leading art or photography magazines.

Mário Macilau participa na residência artística 180º Artistas ao Sul e estará no HANGAR em Setembro de 2015