GHOSTS | Personal archives: Memory, Identity and Migration | Artist Talk by xerem Outubro 18, 2015 0 Investigação, Novidades, PostArchive eventos

October 23 | 7 pm | FREE ENTRANCE

Chair: Bruno Leitão

organized by Mónica de Miranda

image © Alia Syed

This Artist Talk, organised by Mónica de Miranda, is part of the Hangar research program. Working in partnership with CEC (Centre of Comparitive Research, Lisbon) and Train (Research Center of Transnational, London) it will relay and broaden ideas encouraged by the “GHOSTS” exhibition.

The talk will examine the role of the artist as researcher, analysing issues raised by the work of the artists concerning identity politics, the relationship between art, globalisation and subjectivity, in an age of increasing migration and global diaspora communities.

In her work, Chila Burman challenges stereotypical assumptions that cloud cultural identity. Her art is informed by popular culture, gender and identity politics, exploring the relationship between popular culture and high art.

Alia Syed work focuses on issues of identity, representation, and language, to explore and question structures of personal and collective post-colonial narratives.

Anjalika Sagar is a filmmaker and member of The Otolith Group. She is interested in film essays, and the relationship between image, text and sound. Sagar works as a curator, moderator, essayist, film director, video-maker and photographer.

Organização e coordenação científica: Mónica de Miranda.
Este projeto faz parte do projeto Pós-Arquivo: Política de Memória, Lugar e Identidade, CITCOM-CEC-FLUL
Este projecto foi produzido com financiamento nacional da FCT – Fundação para o Ciência e Tecnologia, IP, no âmbito do projeto UIDB / 00509/2020