Princípio Tautológico by Ricardo March 24, 2015 0 Exhibitions, News

PRINCÍPIO TAUTOLÓGICO| inaugurates HANGAR with an exhibition that will run from May 22, 2015, with curator Bruno Leitão, this first exhibition posits questions about the production for art today and the art market.

Princípio Tautolögico, the first exposition that HANGAR will exhibit, explores the place of the art and the cultural of the social context and marks the beginning of a cycle of expositions and activities that will develop as far as 3 years and

Considering auto-referenciality in visual arts and critical instruction, the questions the exhibit explores regard systems of legitimacy from the arts market to the Mueseum system.

This research proposal constructs itself in terms of discourses that question practices of market and monetization of institutions. O Princípio Tautológico exposes disruptive artistic discourses in the camp of institutional critique that, by definition, allow a questioning of the status quo of today’s artistic production.

The works of the artists presented here, investigate, at times, the irony of questioning what making, commissioning and discussing art is.

The artists participating in this exposition are: Igo Jesus, Sara and André, Cristina Garrido, Javier Nuñez Gasco, João Paulo Serafim, João Ferro Martins, Daniel Barroca, Paolo Chiasera and Los Torreznos.