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Frans van Lent

April – June 2019

Lilla Szàsz

February – March 2019

Dahhyun Im

January 2019

Christabelle Peters

Novembro 2018

Hangar | Triangle Network 7th Edição

6 TO 16 DECEMBER 2018

Field Works is the sixth edition of Triangle Network ( workshop held in Hangar.

Field Works intends to be a reflection on the potentialities of research and field work, bringing together artists from several geographies, which work is based on research about notions of space, territory and memory. To understand the relationships between theory/practice, exterior/interior and processes/results through exploration, first-hand contact, study and observation. Developing new practices, experiencing, knowing, investigating and thinking about the process as the fundamental period of creation.

Open Call : For Portuguese artists or residents in Portugal



Description, dates, location and organization of the Workshop:

  1. The Field Works workshop is the seventh edition in Portugal of the Triangle Network International ( The structure of the workshop will follow the model of the network, that is, to gather for two weeks a group of local and international artists (in equal number) enabling a joint work and the exchange of artistic, procedural and cultural experiences. A program of presentations, seminars and an Open Day complete the workshop calendar and give support and visibility to the work in progress. Six international artists and six national artists will participate in this project. A part will be selected by invitation or from the list of artists belonging to the Triangle Network. The other part will be selected from the above competition, open to artists with or without previous experiences in this network. The participation in this workshop in Portugal will increase the network with new artists who, in future, may benefit from the network of international workshops implemented around the world.

Objectives, conditions and profile of artists:

  1. The Field Works workshop aims to:
    • Create a space for reflection where artists are invited to develop work, collaborating in a context of experimentation with the space and contact with other artists;
    • Enable dialogue and artistic exchange between an international group of artists who explore the diversity and understanding between different cultures;
    • Provide access to alternative spaces to develop work within the site-specific;
    • To offer the public an experience within contemporary art, complementary or alternative to the experience in institutions and commercial spaces;
    • Allow access to the artistic creative process to a diverse audience through Open Day and the programming of seminars.
  2. The workshop provides:
    • Accommodation for artists residing outside Lisbon and meals;
    • Space to develop the work;
    • Program of talks, seminars and Open Day;
    • Fee of € 300 and support for production in the amount of €100;
    • Creative, curatorial and technical support during the workshop;
    • Collaboration between national and international artists and curators;
    • Practical facilities, research and work techniques, providing professional development and artistic exchange with emphasis on the creative process. The support, networks and proposed creative environment will provide artists with the means to experiment ideas, methods and media;
    • Publication of a book that documents the processes developed by artists.
  3. Artists have to:
    • Be available to stay full-time in residence during the period of the workshop;
    • Participate in all the workshop activities;
    • Present their work to the other artists and guests;
    • Authorize the publication of documentation about their work on the materials released by the organization, as well as make themselves available to participate in the process of gathering material;
    • Develop a creative process and be self-sufficient;
    • Collaborate, by delivering the production needs in advance, on the dates established by the organization;
    • Be open to developing an activity that includes the participatory or collaborative process;
    • Work the presentation format for the Open Day, which will close the workshop, considering that the process and experimentation will be valued more and not so much the completed work;
    • Collaborate in the closure of the initiative, namely in the cleaning of its workspace;
    • Be responsible for transporting your works after the workshop closes. (The organization is not responsible for the storage of any object);
    • Be responsible for obtaining your entry visas in Portuguese territory;
    • Be responsible for obtaining insurance.


  1. Opening date: October 12, 2018
  2. Deadline for submission of application: November 12, 2018
  3. Date of disclosure of results: November 19, 2018, by email to the selected ones.

Scope of the competition and profile of candidates:

  1. The scope of this call is international and expects a final selection of 3 Portuguese artists or foreign artists living in Portugal.
  2. The candidates for this competition must be Portuguese artists living in Portugal or abroad, as well as foreign artists, provided they are living in Portugal.
  3. Applicants should agree to work with limited material resources, to be interested in a relational approach to space and to the other participants, and understand the workshop experience as an opportunity to develop original and experimental creative processes.
  4. Artists who have resided in the past for a residency initiative promoted by Hangar or Xerem are not eligible.

Formalization of applications:

Required documentation (in English or Portuguese):

  1. Updated CV;
  2. Portfolio;
  3. Motivation letter that includes a brief description of ideas to be developed during the workshop;
  4.  Applications will be submitted only through the e-mail and all information must be delivered in PDF format up to 10 MB.


The Jury of the competition consists of: Mónica de Miranda, Bruno Leitão

Safeguard clause

  1. There is no appeal from the Jury’s decision.
  2. The organization reserves the right to exclude applications that are not eligible.
  3. The conditions set out in this Regulation will be prejudiced if the state aid for which this project is a beneficiary is not implemented in good time.
  4. Any cases not covered by this regulation will be decided by the organization.
  5. When submitting the application, candidates declare that they are aware of and accept the conditions of this regulation.

Residências artísticas nos PALOP

Deadline: 31 de Outubro de 2018

Nastaran Safaei

Nastaran Safaei (b. 1984 Tehran, Iran)

Beginning her journey as a sculptor by experimenting with pottery and clay in 2000 she was mostly self-taught in her experience until attending Parviz Tanavoli’s first series of sculpting workshops in 2006 focusing on the Bronze technique which resulted in her first solo sculpture exhibition at Assar art gallery. The successful show made her a member of the association of Iranian sculptors.

The main inspiration for her work is inner explorations of femininity by using mundane objects to express her experiences. She is deeply inspired by the mythological archetypes of Jung and the psychological methods of self-realization and ancient Iranian myths. Social and cultural issues influence her work deeply. She is currently working on the concept of time and the sub-conscious, focusing on the therapeutic aspect of her work in regards to her own psychological healing in relation to herself and the exterior. She regularly uses the human form to convey her ideas.

Other than the Bronze technique, use of other materials in her works, which include Aluminum, Brass, Fiberglass, Papier-Mache and mixed media were all based on personal experimentation and experience.

Marcas | Obras do Acervo Histórico Videobrasil

Curated by: Gabriel Bogosian
Opening: 27 September | 6pm
Exhibition until 24 November
Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 7pm
Free Admission

SEA Foundation’s AiR Tilburg | residency program 2019 – 2020

Deadline: October 15, 2018

ANDAIME e Coletivo Compasso na CASA PIA – Actividades de Férias

23 a 27 de Julho 2018
Hangar na Galeria CED D. Maria Pia Lisboa