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Special conference on “Epistemic Disobedience’

Bonaventure Ndikung & Paul Goodwin
February 10th, 2018 – 6 p.m | MAAT.
Organized by Mónica Miranda | Hangar

Anna Biesuz

September 2018

Caroline Valansi

May – July 2018

Renata Pelegrini

Renata Pelegrini lives and works in São Paulo (Brazil). With a BA in Language Teaching and Education from the University of São Paulo, she started her artistic practice in calligraphy by studying the classic alphabets while living in New York (USA). Later she widened her practice to new gestures at the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana in her two year stay in Milan (Italy).

Renata got her BA in Fine Arts in 2010, dedicating her career to painting and drawing, oriented by the Brazilian artist Paulo Pasta ever since. Living in different geographies has caused the investigation of the architecture and of the structure of the place to strongly become one of the lines of her study, bringing an architectonic lexicon to her work in canvas, linen and paper.

Pelegrini is part of the Brazilian collective Pigmento (and since 2016 has been an acting artist member at MoMA (USA). Renata has been in more than 15 exhibitions over the last 3threeyears, among them at Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. Her 1st solo show happened in 2016 in São Paulo (BR). She has just been selected to the 9th Salon of Artists Without Gallery for group shows in 2018.

Olavo Amado

Olavo Amado was born in São Tomé, where he lives and works. A self-taught artist, in 2002 he began his career in São Tomé at Espaço Teia d’Arte where he collaborated and participated in various artistic encounters. Amado did artistic residency in New York (OMI- International Art Center, 2015), Amsterdam (2011) and Paris (2007)

“In a constant movement, I make the environment that surrounds me the focus of my inspiration. Through images, its construction and deconstruction, and the reflection about the present, allows me to permanently establish the connection between the past and the future. By transposing and transfiguring images into graphic compositions I follow the labyrinth theory of creation, which is the process of most of his works, crossing lines, strokes and colors till their dematerialization in abstract expressions, reflecting multiple worlds and multiple identities in a constant search.”

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Deadline: January 22nd, 2018


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