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Carmen Colibazzi

July – August 2018

Residêncy Program Open Day

24 de May, 2018
Tuesday, 18h às 20h

Triangle Network – Opportunities

Deadline: Several opportunities and dates. See inside.

Àsìkò 2018 Cape Verde

Deadline: May 6th, 2018, Meia-noite GMT

Demythologize That History and Put It to Rest

Performance e Conversa
26 Maio, 2 e 3 de Junho

Hybrid Architectures: Case Studies on African Continent ─ Symposium

July 2016

Projected Image

11th September | 7 pm | talk with Miguel Wandschneider about the project Slowmotion

12th September |7 pm |talk with Pedro Lapa about moving image in the context of artistic practices

Projected Image is a research project about the artistic praxis of video and moving image, in Portugal, within a broader research, Portuguese Art – from 1974 to the present, organised by Bruno Leitão.

The first moment of this research takes the form of a solo exhibition of João Onofre, opening the July 10th, at HANGAR.

Through exhibitions, artist talks and conferences, this research project aims to establish a timeline of significative events, relevant to the Portuguese artistic milieu, frequently unknown from the general public and sometimes even from the agents in the artistic scene. The program will extend through three years.

About Forgotten Ideologies

ABOUT FORGOTTEN IDEOLOGIES is the Angolan cinema program, curated by André Cunha, under the broader program 180º Artistas ao Sul.

This program presents films by some Angolan directors, such as: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, António Ole, Zézé Gamboa, Kiluanje Liberdade, Maria João Ganga e Mário Bastos. The program considers three time windows of Angolan cinema production: the post-independence cultural policies, the attempt to develop new cultural policies after the civil war and the hegemony of the independent production.

We open this program with António Ole’s film O Ritmo do N’Gola Ritmos, de António Ole, 29th May, 6.30 pm.


O Ritmo do N’Gola Ritmos (1978) de António Ole + conversa de Ana Balona de Oliveira | 29 de Maio | 18h30 | DVD gentilmente cedido pelo realizador


TPA + Laboratório Nacional de Cinema

Carnaval da Vitória, 1978, 40min., António Ole | 18 de Junho | 18h30

No Caminho das Estrelas, 1986, 28min., António Ole | 18 de Junho | 18h30


Instituto Nacional de Cinema

O Herói, 2004, 97min., Zezé Gamboa | 10 de Julho | 18h30

Na Cidade Vazia, 2004, 90min., Maria João Ganga | 13 de Setembro | 17h00



Oxalá Cresçam Pitangas, 2007, 62min., Kiluanje Liberdade, Ondjaki | 4 de Setembro | 18h30

Luanda, Fábrica da Música, 2009, 54min., Kiluanje Liberdade, Inês Gonçalves | 5 de Setembro | 18h30

Alambamento, 2011, 15min, Mário Bastos | 5 de Setembro | 18h30

TPA + Laboratório Nacional de Cinema |2

Ondyelma, Festa Do Boi Sagrado, 1979, 36 min., Ruy Duarte de Carvalho | Setembro – data a anunciar | 18h30

Nelisita, 1982, 90min., Ruy Duarte de Carvalho | Setembro – data a anunciar | 18h30

© imagem de Jordana Leitão, 2015


If landscape is, as Michel Courajoud states, “the place where the sky touches the land”, the concept of landscape is deeply connected to the history of nature’s pictorial representation, the appearance of the landscape as a genre. This concept builds up on the fragmentation, through the unique and immobile gaze that divides the whole of natures. The insular regions have, in themselves, other frontiers, they exist separate from the main land, or between the sea, and always on the threshold of identities,  they are metaphors for the concepts of diaspora and migration within the post-colonial studies. In(ter)sularidades is a research group investigating about insular landscapes and their artistic practices, in such regions as Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe. The research approaches these regions through a comparative model, these regions that are distant from each other, but that share a similar history of dislocation, migration, isolation, exile and diaspora, and models of artistic creation that reflect the insular history of these places, both in the past and in the present.

Open Mind Sessions

31 March | 6 pm | talk w/ Marissa Moorman

A musician with a long career connected to Angola. A music with a not so recognizable sound. A record produced in the verge of independence. A few thoughts searching for an idea.

28 April | 6 pmtalk w/ Jabulani Maseko

26 May | 6 pmtalk w/ Mathieu Abonnenc

7 June | 6 pmtalk w/ Fernando Arenas

OPEN MIND SESSIONS. A series of talks/performances by academics and practitioners organized by cultural theorist, Christabelle Peters. Each session will be inspired by a single thing – an artwork, a piece of music, a gesture in dance, etc. – and will invite us along on a magical and intellectual journey across time and space, making linkages with the cultures and histories of the African diaspora. The talks are based on the idea that an open mind can see a whole universe in the tiniest object.