Visual Arts Residencies 2017 by Ricardo Novembro 01, 2016 0 Oportunidades

Visual Arts Residencies 2017

The deadline for all visual arts applications is Friday 2 December 2016.

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In 2017 Cove Park will award a minimum of three funded Visual Arts Residencies of between one to three months each. National (UK) and international artists are welcome to apply to this programme. In addition, and with the support of the Bridge Awards, Cove Park will offer a four-week residency for an emerging visual artist based in Scotland. Cove Park’s One-to-One programme (of one or two-week residencies for visual artists working collaboratively with another visual artist, with an artist working in another art form, a curator or a writer) will also continue in 2017 and we will offer one residency in this strand next year. Please note, the above residencies will all take place during May to September 2017 – within this period residency dates are negotiable. New in 2017, and made possible with support from the Fenton Arts Trust, is the opportunity for an early-career visual artist (with a focus upon painting or sculpture) to spend three weeks at Cove Park working in parallel with artists specialising in craft/design and literature. These residencies will run from Monday 4 – Monday 23 September 2017. Previous visual arts residents include: Laura Aldridge, Sara Barker, Simon Bedwell, Tyler Coburn, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Kate Davis, Mariana Castillo Deball, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Luke Fowler, Alex Frost, Michael Fullerton, Maria Fusco, Will Holder, Quinn Latimer, Dane Mitchell, Toby Paterson, Elizabeth Price, Margaret Salmon, Polly Staple, Simon Starling, Stephen Sutcliffe, Cara Tolmie, Alison Turnbull, Jan Verwoert. Application Guidelines are available to download here. The deadline for all visual arts applications is Friday 2 December 2016.