Ruth O’Callaghan by Icaro Novembro 17, 2022 0 Portefólios

Ruth O’Callaghan’s 12th poetry collection is due from Salmon in 2023. Residencies include Achill, Siena etc.. Awarded a gold medal in Taiwan (XXX WCP) she received an Arts Council award to work with Mongolian women poets.

Her works have been translated into different languages including Japanese and Mongolian.

“I am a poet who is exploring the relationship between visual art and the written word. Art is frequently presented, framed, without words leaving the viewer to interpret/misinterpret the artist’s objective.

Similarly yet conversely, poetry is presented, bound, accessible through symbols common to that particular culture yet the poet’s intention is frequently obscure.

My project is not concerned with describing an artwork but one that attempts, through a poem, to create for the viewer/reader exposure to a parallel encounter.

The opportunity to pursue such an investigation in a creative environment and with the collaboration of the artist themselves, if they so wish, will be invaluable.”