Resem Verkron by Icaro Novembro 05, 2023 0 Portefólios

Born in Luanda, Angola in 1999. Resem Verkron’s interest in the visual arts arose in September 2015 with his joining Colectivo Verkron, where he began his mystical search for the particles of the whole (spiritual path), initially starting with graffiti and in mid 2017 starting photography. , is currently exploring different fields of artistic communication, experimenting with his language within the practice of “emotional Afro-futurism”, all linked to his experience as a young Angolan. Resem travels from experimental cinema to alternative music. In 2019, it began expanding into the audiovisual universe, initially with video art.
In 2021 he was invited by Kamy Lara to be an assistant director and camera operator for the documentary “Funkin Globo” and at the end of the same year he joined the production company Geração 80 where he has been developing his studies and working on his next projects. directing photography for video clips and short films, in October of the same year he released his first electronic music EP entitled Futurismo Emocinal on souncloud.
2022 enters the Angolan audiovisual scene on the right foot, conquering spaces by participating in several projects, giving voice to a new experimental language. In 2022, he launched himself into the audiovisual market with numerous productions, films and a television series in the direction of photography.
Resem continues to navigate the influences of Luanda, a city that he wants to portray with “the truth”.