Paolo Lolicata by Icaro Dezembro 06, 2023 0 Portefólios

Paolo Lolicata is a Sicilian artist and curator working with an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural philosophy aimed at challenging preconceptions about identity. He studied Performing Arts and earned a BA in DAMS at Link University in Rome, a Master in Curatorship in Turin, and Graphic Design in Berlin. After spending an extended period in Australia, where he initiated curatorial projects to promote cross-cultural communication, he relocated to Europe. He collaborated as an independent curator at Paratissima in Turin, where he received the Best Curatorial Project award in 2019 for Human Touch. He has presented numerous curatorial projects and collaborative works during Turin Art Week, Milan Walk-in Studio, and Lisbon Art Weekend.

Paolo represented Sicily in the Cultural Mobility Developers program during the On The Move Mobility Forum in Tunisia, with a focus on enhancing cultural exchange in the South Mediterranean region. He recently participated in Artsformation, a research project exploring the intersection of arts, society, and technology, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Through the residency program in Lesvos, titled “RESISTANCE: Decolonizing Europe’s Digital Transformation,” he developed Hey Ai Eu (Fragments of Lesvos).

He is involved in a video installation-based project, ‘Persefone,’ which explores femininity and mythology in Sicily. This work recently received the award for the best video performance at the Ion Solo Contest in Portugal and was presented during the SeeDjerba festival in Tunisia.

Currently, Paolo is developing OBRIGADISSIMO a curatorial project in Lisbon, founded by Culture Moves Europe and working on BlueTour project in Lesvos, a Creative Europe-funded initiative. Additionally, Paolo was selected by the Goethe Institute to be part of the evaluators’ pool for the Individual Mobility Action for Culture Move Europe.