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Prazo: Sexta-feira, 31 de March de 2017

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PARADISE AIR currently seeks individuals/groups who wish to create artistic works while residing at the PARADISE AIR in Matsudo City (Chiba Prefecture, Japan), as part of the LONGSTAY Program 2017.

PARADISE AIR is an artist-in-residence program that was established in 2013. It has since hosted over 100 artists/art groups at its studios during short and long-term residency programs. Whilst many Japanese cities developed under the rule of feudal lords and samurai who worked to expand the rule of the shogunate during the Edo Period, Matsudo instead flourished as an independent city untethered by feudalistic growth. As an inn town, the prosperity of Matsudo stemmed from the foot traffic of the Mitokaido Highway and from the bustling port trade that took place along the Edo River. Even more influential was the the character of the local people – Matsudo has long been fabled for exceptional townsfolk and the area is still well known for its remarkable hospitality and obliging nature. We aspire to make the residence a new artistic point of transit so that it may continue to attract artsts to Matsudo from all over the world.

More information about activities of PARADISE AIR can be found at the following link –

2. Program Theme

The LONGSTAY Program 2017 is now open for applications from foreign artists of all disciplines. The theme of this year’s program is ‘TOUR’. Please submit a plan that relates directly to Matsudo City’s tangible place in time and space, and that takes advantage of the resources of the local area. There are no limitations placed upon the style or form of artistic output created during the program.

This world is currently in a state of transition and many divisions are coming forth before our very eyes. The free movement of people and original ideas acts as a means of bridging these seen and unseen gaps… or perhaps it only serves to actualize them further. The selected artist(s) will travel to PARADISE AIR from their corner of the earth, involve themselves in creative production for a 3 month period, and then move on to their next port of call. We hope that this series of events in its entirety will become their newest work of art.

PARADISE AIR is based in Matsudo City. Despite being on the doorstep of the Tokyo Metropolis, time passes differently here. Matsudo has a distinct feel that will most definitely be of contrast your current location. By assigning the theme ‘TOUR’ to this year’s residency, our aim is for Matsudo’s uniqueness to be brought to the surface from the viewpoint of an artist / visitor / traveler. PARADISE AIR will provide comprehensive support throughout the residency to assist the resident artist to turn the charming place that they have discovered here into works of art.

We are calling for ambitious proposals that imagine a new relationship between city, person, and time. Jumping from the residence to the township, we encourage you to make Matsudo your field.

3. Schedule

Application Deadline : Friday, March 31st 2017
Annoucement of the result (individually) : Sunday, April 30th 2017
Term of Residence : Saturday, July 1st – Wednesday, September 27th 2017 (Approx. 3 months)

Program Outline:
July. 1 (Sat) Arrival in Japan
July. 4 (Tue) Meeting to discuss artists’ plan, Welcome party
July. 8 (Sat) Self-Introduction Artist Talk for locals & Reception
Sep. 15 (Fri) Final Presentation
Sep. 27 (Wed) Departure from Japan

4. Openings

* art groups or units are welcome to apply

5. Applicant Conditions

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Not hold Japanese citizenship
  • Enjoy engaging in dialogues with the town
    Currently live and work as an artist
  • Be willing and able to engage in genuine cultural exchange with regional artists and local residents during the term of residency
  • Have a desire to connect with local residents and conduct regular fieldwork and/or interviews
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Have flexibility regarding program scheduling, rules, and administration.
  • Be able to conduct everyday life in Japanese and/or English
  • Applicants may plan to work collaboratively with an artist in the Matsudo region if they wish

6. Support

PARADISE AIR supports the artists/art groups finacially and technically as follows –

  • Round trip transportation from the artist’s home to Matsudo
  • Accommodation at the PARADISE AIR residency ( )
  • Up to ¥200,000 for production costs, to be decided via project proposal
  • Daily stipend of ¥3,000/day * 90days = ¥270,000
  • Costs associated with local talks, performances, exhibitions etc.
  • Costs of transporting works of art created during the program
  • Local support for activities and the production of works
  • Costs associated with advertisement and promotions


  • We kindly ask that applicants plan to participate in the program with their own health insurance. PARADISE AIR is not able to serve as an insurer or guarantor.
  • While we generally accommodate artists who come to Matsudo alone, we welcome applications from those who wish to bring along their spouse and/or children. Please indicate clearly in the application if you wish to do so.
  • During the program we ask artists to arrange their own meals using their daily stipend. There are many local restaurants nearby and a kitchenette is also available for use in the residence.

7. Stipulations

  • Copyright and ownership of any work created during the program will remain that of the artist.
  • PARADISE AIR retains the right to photograph and film all events, performances, workshops, and exhibitions conducted by the artist during the duration of the program.
  • We request full cooperation during all media coverage, as well as for coverage made by our staff and sponsors.

8. Application Details

There are two steps in application process.

Please fill in the following form to enroll for the selection process.

A folder (data limit : 50MB at maximum) including articles A-C (listed below) must be submitted to the below email address. Please note that direct attachments to an email will not be accepted. Please submit a link to a Dropbox, Hightail, or other file share service via email.

Title : PAIR2017_your artist name
Email Address:
  Application deadline: Friday, March 31st 2017 at 24:00 (JST)

A: Application Form
Please complete the official LONGSTAY Program 2017 Application Form in full. It can be downloaded via the following link.


B: Portfolio
PDF Portfolio or pictures of your works. If you want to share videos/music/sound files, please compile links using Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.

C: Passport
A copy of your passport or identification card*
*Identification page of passport, or other official identification document with your name and a photo

9. Selection / Notification

  • A committee of local leaders and outside judges will determine the best applicant from the submitted materials.
  • We will also ask finalists to submit a video letter to aid the final selection process.
  • The chosen artist(s) will be individually notified by April 30th, 2017.
  • Selection results will be made public on our website by June 1st, 2017.

10. Contact

Feel free to contact us using the below details if you would like to make an enquiry. Please note that we are unable to respond to any enquiries regarding the selection process.

Also, please keep track of Paradise Air activities on Instagram with hashtag #p_air.

Address: Postal code 271-0091 #506, Hamatomo bld., 15-4 Honcho, Matsudo City, Chiba, JAPAN
Affiliates: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Matsudo City Hall
Organizing body: PAIR
Special support: Hamatomo Kanko Co., Ltd.

Best of luck!