An Ongoing-Offcoming Tale


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An Ongoing-Offcoming Tale comprises abstractions, subversions and poetic ruminations, housed within essays that engage with the lives and practices of over 30 artists. It opens with the question: If only some leaves could speak? And in the journey that follows, we encounter many such possibilities – that leave us asking questions of the boundaries we place around the things we are allowed to think, the knowledge we call knowledge, and the questions we permit ourselves to ask. The book is an exercise in learning to reimagine: bodies, land, knowledge, memory, song. Ndikung allows us to step into the visions and the lived forms of knowledge that inform his curatorial practice.

As we collectively emerge from a stillness that made it impossible to look away from the harm caused by social infrastructures we once deemed necessary, these essays are more urgent than ever. They give us tools to think with about the ‘contemporary’ in meaningful ways, enabling us to ask important questions of culture and power.EDIÇÃO:
Mónica de Miranda, Paula Nascimento, Marissa Moorman

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

TÍTULO ORIGINAL | An Ongoing-Offcoming Tale
Nº PP | 528
FORMATO | 13 x 22 cm
EAN | 978-3-949973-15-4
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