Josie Alexandra by Icaro Fevereiro 16, 2022 0 Portfolios

Josie Alexandra is an emerging trans-disciplinary artist. They’re currently working on ‘politic of interiority // life’s a computer game’ — a long-form philosophical-artistic project. Works recreate narratives of personhood as a trans and neurodiverse person — reclaiming a sense of interiority through relationships to the virtual, physical and digital. Within this experiential realm, poetic lines dance across frames, whilst self-knowings look inward, before venturing out again.

In 2020, Josie began performing and producing under the moniker X4NDR4. This Followed the release of ‘imprints of witness’ their debut poetry book and ‘TRANSIT AEAEA’ — an EP of electronic-jazzy-synth, spoken-word, soundscapes — co-produced with Douglas McDowell.