Eurídice Kala by Ricardo Abril 18, 2020 0 Portefólios

Born in Mozambique in 1987, a daughter of the proxy civil war and heir to the pre-colonial history of the country Euridice Kala AKA Zaituna Kala after her great-grandmother.

The bodies of work that Kala has produced to date, range from performance by the “That [BLCK] Dress” character, research, photography, video and installation. With sub-themes that speak majorly about appropriation of socio, political and economical aspects such as: cultural practice, materiality and economics-narratives around specific contemporary articulations of the Mozambican socio-cultural and political context.

These narratives are a result of deep investigations into the history of the country that are informed by Kala’s personal narratives (marriage, Johannesburg, and broadly connections with her country via the sea where the artists’ family originates from), her position as a feminist and broad interests in architecture and language (present in display), go through processes of expansion via a-other observation that are made less visible in history [story] books.

And, by the random nature of the findings, begin to reveal serendipitous almost inevitable connections of trans-Atlantic, oriental and African connections that are approximately a less polar conversation about life- that- becomes representative of our [the artist’s] multi-layered existence and give meanings either than what has been recorded in history and in turn challenges societal binaries.

Kala was trained as a photographer by the Market Photo Workshop (2012), since then has continued practice, which includes the display of visual narrative and visual research for related ideas- and also worked for a period of time at the visual arts network of South Africa (VANSA). She has exhibited her work in various platforms, and been awarded residencies both on the continent and internationally.