TALK – SOUR THINGS: THE PANTRY by Icaro February 09, 2024 0 Events, News


Mirna bamieh and palestine hosting society as collaborators.

In Sour Things: The Pantry, Mirna Bamieh zooms in on the idea of the pantry space of fermentation and preservation. How does the pantry of the uprooted and displaced looks like? How would preservation practices look when you are in a no-place, residing in liminality and in-betweenness. How would your pantry space feel like, when the walls have one foot in construction and the other in demolition? What would it say? To practice fermentation you need to inhabit a place, but preservation can be practiced anywhere. Salt is hope, Salt is future time, that of a gathering when opening a jar of ferment to share is possible again.

During her residency in December, Mirna Bamieh was able to take time to produce a series of brine based watercolor and ink drawings for this installation at her Hangar studio, and create the ceramic turtle-creature sculptures at @curva_atelier . During the talk she will share with us more about the thinking and creation process of this extensive body of work, at a time that was particularly harsh in her country, Palestine.

In this event, we will have a listening session of the Sour Cities, a soundscape composition by Isaac Sullivan @echoholdings , based on a text written and narrated by the artist. She will share with us more about her current project Bitter Things: the Kitchen, commissioned by @tba_21 on Bitter and sweet oranges, while we share some small bites and a drink related to the research topic.

Sour Things: The Pantry, 9×5 m2, is produced by Noordbrabants museum @hetnoordbrabantsmuseum and @nika.projectspac, as part of ‘Imagine Home’ curated by @aninafolkersma . The show will be on view in the Netherlands @hetnoordbrabantsmuseum from February 3 until June, 2024