Residences in Transit
Olavo Amado
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Residences in Transit
The Residences in Transit Program follows the same format as the residences at Hangar in terms of structure and methodology, but is developed in a format of cultural exchange between Portugal and foreign countries.

The next exchange will be in March 2018, when the São Tomé artist, Olavo Amado, will come to Lisbon for a residence at Hangar.

Hangar >>>>> Roça Artistic Residence of the World São Tomé and Príncipe

RAAM is headquartered in Roça dos Angolares and is an extension of the CACAU project. The project encompasses several actions: the art school – short, medium and long-term courses; workshops and study visits, with a view to training young people for working life. Courses, workshops, studios and an International residency program.

Roça Residência Artística do Mundo São Tomé e Príncipe<br> March 2018


Olavo Amado was born in São Tomé, where he lives and works. A self-taught artist, in 2002 he began his career in São Tomé at Espaço Teia d’Arte where he collaborated and participated in various artistic encounters. Amado did artistic residency in New York (OMI- International Art Center, 2015), Amsterdam (2011) and Paris (2007)
“In a constant movement, I make the environment that surrounds me the focus of my inspiration. Through images, its construction and deconstruction, and the reflection about the present, allows me to permanently establish the connection between the past and the future. By transposing and transfiguring images into graphic compositions I follow the labyrinth theory of creation, which is the process of most of his works, crossing lines, strokes and colors till their dematerialization in abstract expressions, reflecting multiple worlds and multiple identities in a constant search.” OA