REPAIR / REPARAR by Icaro February 09, 2024 0 Exhibitions, News


curated by Gabriela Salgado

Hangar, Lisbon (PR)

28 March – 25 May 2024

REPAIR is the second exhibition in a suite of three parts encompassed by the Restore series.

Inspired by the words of sociologist and thinker Achille Mbembe, the exhibition reflects on the possibility of mending broken historical relations through the lens of three artists. The works in the exhibition condense observations on multiple consequences of generational trauma and the tools humans employ to restate knowledge, land rights and individual and collective health. REPAIR articulates itself through the artist’s inquiry into conflict caused by colonisation, gender-political and racist forms of oppression and the silencing of voices under colonisation and its multiple legacies.

Invited artists

Kader Attia (FR)

Angela Ferreira (MZ/PR)

Francisco Huichaqueo (Mapuche nation, CL)

Ailton Krenak (Krenak nation, BR)