Pedro Hurpia by Editor April 24, 2019 0 Portfolios

Visual artist and researcher. He was professor of Visual Arts at the Pontifical University of Campinas between 2015 and 2017, teaching photography, drawing and orientation in final year project.

Pedro Hurpia’s artistic practice investigates notions of displacement and collapse – not only in geographical way but also in a cognitive dissonance level (psychological stress) – when a person or a group are able to counteract even the basic level of logic; denying evidence, creating false memories, distorting perceptions, ignoring scientific claims, and triggering a loss of contact with reality. Following this thought of collapse and displacement, human contradictions of behavior aligns with geological faults.

He uses fictional strategies by inventing narratives and recreating various existent devices in order to “understand” natural phenomena and geophysical anomalies that are only perceived by the human being when they emerge to the surface or when the body is directly impacted, such as landslides and sound waves.