Marilene by Icaro October 02, 2022 0 Portfolios

Marilene was born in São Tomé (1993), where she started early with some painting workshop at UNEAS- (group of artists from São Tomé and Príncipe). Currently learning and working at the school Atelier M of the artist Kwame Sousa.
In her projects Marilene explores the representation of patterns from the Timorese fabrics, her paintings are characterized by the use of lines and schemes typical of the country.
A central theme addressed in her paintings is the Jambí, which is defined by the artist as a “cultural manifestation”, very present in São Tomé. “Jambí encompasses dances, typical dishes, songs. The reactions are diverse because another spirit is present in the person’s body during the act of manifestation.”
More than a theme for developing her paintings, Marilene expresses her personal experience that translates into a healing artifact.
In her residency with Hangar the artist intends to develop a project about a spiritualism ritual called Djambi. The artist intends to explore the colors and movements of the dialogue between the beyond and the present.

The artist in international residency is part of the Transit program developed in partnership with RAAM – Roça Residência Artística do Mundo São Tomé e Príncipe / São Tomé and Príncipe

Residency supported by DGartes @dg.artes