Mariana Barros by Ricardo February 01, 2019 0 Portfolios

Mariana Barros (Curitiba, Brazil) is a mother and multi artist. Graduated in scenic arts at the Paraná arts College – UNESPAR (2007). Action area: performance art, visual arts, music, theatre, dance, cinema, consultancy of expressivity, contemporary model, master of ceremonies, graphic arts and art education. In Curitiba, she composse the performatic scene of the city and has a repertoire with more than 20 performances, developed since 2009, in various festivals and galleries around Latin America and Europe. Barros was part of teaching networks of art in the city, working performance art with/for children and works with consultation of artistic expressivity, intended for artists, students and communicators. Also, she founded the “Flow of Performance” in 2015, laboratory for exchanges, practices and performatic reflections with 7 editions done until today.
Her work is in the transition among the various aspects of art, producing with the focus on body-image-action performance works. The artist is in flux of the physical/intellectual dialogue to liberate the body from the traditions of culture, from the substitution of patterns and especially from the conventions that limit the artistic language. She disposes herself to experiences, to combinations of subjectivities, to ridicule (kitsch language), to encounter with strangers and interpersonal relationships; seeks to work the expansion of bodily presence as artistic maxim and I think the movement of existing as image production. She dives into a psychomagic comedy of sentimentalist exaggerations and use social stereotypes in sensationalist tones. In a way, an appropriation of “it is beautiful because it’s ugly, it is corny but it is cool, between trash and luxury, exaggeration of aesthetic elements.”