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Q-notesis a series of publications that gathers transcribed seminars and artists’ talks given at Hangar – Centro de Investigação Artística as part of its research, exhibition, publication and public programme. In this series we also publish artists’ thoughts and the papers they have shared with Hangar. The neologism ‘Q-notes’ is a riff on the idea of keynote. Keynotes are talks that underscore a conference or meeting theme. Keynote also signifies the main idea. Both these meanings derive from the role of keynote in music. The keynote is the first note in a diatonic scale, the one that anchors the melody and the harmony. The ‘Q’ in ‘Q-notes’ is short for question and the interrogative. For us, questions are key. These talks ask questions and interrogate what have become the common sense of the art world and artistic practice.

This first Q-note publication offers innovative and interrogative thinking from the artists, curators, and cultural theorists that presented their work at Hangar between 2016 and 2019. With Q-notes,we are creating a platform that brings actors in various areas such as art theory, curating, anthropology and political science together in conversation. We hope that this new series deepens critical analysis in cultural studies of artistic practices and the art world by asking questions that center the geographic, gendered, and sociopolitical stakes that trouble our current moment. This inaugural Q-note publication includes thoughts and reflections by Irit Rogoff, Grada Kilomba, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Paul Goodwin, Filip de Boeck, Sammy Baloji and Luis Camnitzer.

ORIGINAL TITLE Q-notes. Questions in Theory and Art Practices #1
PUBLISHER Hangar Books
FORMAT 22 x 16,5 cm
EAN 978-989-33-1066-3

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