Laila Hida by Icaro August 18, 2021 0 Portfolios

Laila Hida’s work explores through individual and collective projects un-negotiated spaces of social practices and the concepts of transformation and transition as constants and potential spaces.

Her current project Everything is temporary (2015-2021) draws on her personal archive (textual and photographic) to outline an archaeology of the intimate by observing psychological variations on the maturation and formation of the work across time and space.

In 2019-2020 she developed through this same methodology a collective project with the gifted mothers of Dar Bellarj that explores the evolution of photographic practice over the last 50 years and the relationship to the photographic medium in the Moroccan family in About Us that draws on the family album and vernacular photography.

In 2013, Hida’s artistic and entrepreneurial projects merged when she initiated LE 18, a multidisciplinary art space based in Marrakech. LE 18 thus extends her long-term intention to question and explore the impact of the environment on artistic, mediation and research approaches. The programs at LE 18 provide a space where artists, curators, and researchers can experiment, learn, and share knowledge and experience through exhibitions, meetings, workshops, and residencies, in order to create social and creative networks that benefit local communities.