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Opening: 30.04.2016 — 7 pm


Until 9th July | Wednesday to Saturday — 3 pm to 7 pm

Curator: Eva Langret


Artists: ruby onyinyechi amanze, Phoebe Boswell, Virginia Chihota, Mary Evans, Lebohang Kganye and Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela.

KIN is an exhibition which brings together six international contemporary artists: ruby onyinyechi amanze, Phoebe Boswell, Virginia Chihota, Mary Evans, Lebohang Kganye and Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela. The works presented focus on personal narratives, while broadly considering the notion of family – those we are born into, those we make for ourselves – and the family story as a starting point to articulate notions of self within interpersonal contexts and broader historical and social frameworks. Delving into genealogies, uncovering family narratives across generations, considering shared heritage with relatives or a commonality of experience with peers, the works on display highlight the central role of the relationships we have in nurturing ourselves. In speaking of relatedness and connections to others, participating artists often question wider processes of interpreting and reporting on events and negotiate the gap between the realm of the personal, the intimate, subjective experience, and wider collective, or seemingly official narratives. Complex, personal and multilayered by nature, the works in this exhibition unveil a different story, whispering intimate truths in response to generalizations and sweeping statements. [Eva Langret]

image: Lebohang Kganye, The Suit, 2013

Co-produção — AFRICA.CONT / CML


30 Abril 2016 – 19h às 24h

Visita à exposição com a curadora Eva Langret – 20h

Programa Paralelo

O programa paralelo tem por objetivo trazer as questões globais levantadas pela exposição até uma dimensão mais local, de Portugal e do contexto lusófono.

2 Maio – 19h – Artist Talk com PHOEBE BOSWELL

2 Junho – 19h – Seminário PERSONAL GEOGRAPHIES, ART AND THE SELF, com Christabelle Peters, Giulia Lamoni e Carlos Garrido Castellano. Organizado por Mónica de Miranda

3 Junho – 18h – Visita à exposição com Bruno Leitão

Programa Mini-Hangar Sábados

“Histórias de Família” – workshops de desenho e fotografia para crianças com os artistas angolanos Hamilton Francisco Badu e Ingrid Fortez e com a artista moçambicana Eugénia Mussa. Organizado por Ana de Almeida.

7 Maio – 15h às 18h – Hamilton Francisco Badu

14 Maio – 15h às 18h – Ingrid Fortez

21 Maio – 15h às 18h – Eugénia Mussa