Elisa Braem by Ricardo February 08, 2019 0 Portfolios

Elisa Braem (Belgium, 1991) lives and work between Mallorca and Antwerp, Belgium, where she studied. Degree in Sculpture and Design, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, MA Art and Design, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and ST-MA cultural Anthropology.

“Every place as every person has his one history his path, these adjectives would make what we are, how we connect to each other. The invisible language.
My work is developed within fields such as ceramics and construction. My project for the Hangar art residency will be focused on the research into the ceramics materials and the connection between this materials and people. I will focus my research on how people are related with the evolution of clay into the new ways of understanding the new materials. How these materials are going to change our language. Like the Greek ceramic did, by challenging the way of behaving in jar drawings the same as we have magazine’s now. To see what invisible language they have created, the combination of cultures, material, and words. Speaking about the relationship between us and nature, about the relationship with our memory, our relationship between each other through material. All this materialized into abstract forms like a theatre movement. The invisible language.”