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Chullage, of Cape Verdean origin, created in the south margin of Lisbon, is rapper, “dizedor”, producer and sound designer. In his words, a sonic and visual poet.
He has 3 released albums (Rapresálias 2001, Rapensar 2004 and Rapressão 2012) and several collaborations with other musicians. From his personal discography the following tracks stand out: rhymeshit que abala, mulher da minha vida, national guettografik, ignorância XL, já não dá, N.I.G.G.A.S, eles comem tudo, cabo verdi nu bai, warria, among others.

His interest in exploring other areas of the word led him to the spoken word, where for many years, as Sr. Preto, he joined his texts to the music of collaborators or made them listen in spoken word events. Now he calls AKapella47 to his word. From this project and, in collaboration with Sliitz, the videos “Do not Believe da Hype” and “intenCIDADES” were released. This last text was part of the show “Periférico” in CCB and closed Iminente 2017 by VHILS.

He is currently focused on the project prétu. In it he fuses his African origins and references, and in particular the Cape Verdeans, with his electronic influences and his thoughts on pan-Africanism, the political context of Africa and its diaspora.
In addition to his music, Chullage does sound and composition design for theatre and visual arts. In the theatre, he already signed several pieces between Lisbon and London. He collaborates regularly with Companhia de Teatro Griot, having made music and/or sound design of pieces such as “Posso Saltar do Meio da Escuridão e Morder”, “Os Negros”, “Que Ainda Alguém Nos Invente” or “Geração da Utopia”. He also collaborated with The Company on “Filhos das Mães” and “Os Santos da Casa”. He worked with VHILS in five of his solo exhibitions: Incision – Curutiba 2019, Fragments Urbains – Paris 2018, Debris – Macau 2017, Debris – Hong Kong 2016, Dissection – Lisbon 2014. Collaborated with Mónica de Miranda in South Circular – MAAT 2019 , Dó – Luanda 2018, Beauty – Carlos Carvalho Gallery 2018.
He is co-founder of the Peles Negras Mascaras Negras (“Black Skins Black Masks”) – darkening theatre. This began as a forum theatre group, and today with theatre, music, literacy and other tools, maintains a practice of horizontal discussion with the Cape Verdean community. PNMN are part of Khapaz – Cultural Association of Afrodescendants.

He studied Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music at Point Blank Music School (London – 2017), Sound Design for Theatre at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London – 2014-16), Sound I and II at Restart (Lisbon – 2010-12) and Sociology of Work – ISCSP – UTL.

He teaches in the Hip Hop Module in Music Production and Production courses at the World Academy, Creation and Music Composition at Restart – Institute of Art and New Technologies and tutors young musicians in the Compasso project at Hangar – Centro de Investigação Artística.