Artivism = Capital | Special edition of Contemporânea magazine by Ricardo March 05, 2018 0 Events, News

Made by the students of The Lisbon Consortium

(Universidade Católica Portuguesa)

Launching at Hangar Artistic Research Center
March 22, 2018, at 6pm.
Free Admission

“Artivism = Capital” is a special edition of Contemporânea magazine made by the students of The Lisbon Consortium (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) that intends to emphasise the activist role of artistic practices, the active power of art as a vehicle for social change. The projects by Alexandra Ferreira & Bettina Wind, Maria Trabulo, Marilá Dardot and Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen imply a series of creative actions that are, in itself, the capital.

Participant artists

Alexandra Ferreira and Bettina Wind artistic duo brings together educational backgrounds in sculpture, visual arts, dramaturgy and literature. The duo develops research-based works that examine the aesthetic, political and economic dimensions while using multiple mediums – installation, video, text and drawings. The artists reach out to other fields such as architecture, urbanism, film history, economy or biology. Their projects often hinge on questions pertaining to (art) production: What are the techniques and politics of display that underlie the presentation of material? What roles do documentation and fiction play in the making of a narrative? How can art practitioners develop strong gestures within working structures that often seem obscure and precarious?

Maria Trabulo is a Portuguese researcher and artist born in 1989 who confronts contemporary issues through a versatile range of artistic mediums. The context in which Maria lives is her first and constant inspiration; economic crisis, globalization, borders, migration, social memory, and revolutions are some of the topics that motivate her practice. With an academic background in Fine Arts, Arts & Science and being a collector of images, videos and information from the public sphere, her artwork reflects her wide research into the realms of social, cultural and political issues.

Marilá Dardot was born 1973 in Brazil, where she firstly graduated in Communication Studies at the UFMG in 1996; followed by three years of the Studies of Visual Arts at the Guignard School until 1999. Building up on her Bachelor of Communication Studies, she graduated within the Master program of Visual Languages at UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro in 2003. Dardot realizes her ideas within diverse artificial fields, such as videos, exhibitions or installations. Since 1999 she is shown worldwide and carries out her art into global discourses. Grounded in her academic career, she approaches her work and projects by playing with words in their meaning, as well as in their physical (trans)form.

Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen is an artist based in Paris, France. Larsen has shown his work in exhibitions throughout the world. Exhibitions include: ‘Tension & Conflict’, MAAT, Lisbon; ’The Absence of Paths’, Tunisian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2017; ‘End of Dreams, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Denmark; ’Word. Sound. Power.’ Tate Modern, UK.

Curatorial Team

Curators / MA and PhD Students in Culture Studies

Baptiste Guimiot, Camilla Mongini, Christine Muller, Claudia Lança, Ekaterina Smirnova,

Emna Lakhoua, Isabella Sabatini, Jorge Rodrigues, Karolin Spohr, Leonie Davidson, Luiz Nunes, Marta Alves Silva, Mattia Tosti, Sofía Steinvorth, Tzenni Chatzipanou.
Curatorship Professor
Luísa Santos (Professor, FCH-UCP, CECC)

The Lisbon Consortium
For the past eight years, The Lisbon Consortium has housed one of the world’s leading graduate programmes (ranked #3 by Eduniversal Worldwide Best Masters Ranking in Arts and Cultural Management) dedicated to the study and advanced training in the multidisciplinary field of Culture Studies. This collaborative network brings together theory, applied research, cultural programming, and management.