Andrea Brandão by Ricardo April 18, 2020 0 Portfolios
(V.N. Gaia, Portugal, 1976).

Graduate in Industrial Design from FA-UTL and holds the Advance Studies in Visual Arts (2007) by Ar.Co, Center for Art and Visual Communication in Lisbon. Training in Performance arts has been made in workshops in Portugal and abroad. Beholds the Portuguese nomination to prize União Latina Jovem Criação em Artes Plásticas, 2007. Participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal, Estónia, Vienna and Brazil. Namely de solo exhibitions: “Travel journal” (Ateliê Aberto, Campinas-SP, Brasil), “Âmago” (Geological Museum of Portugal at Lisbon, Lisboa), “Collection of names and things” (Plataforma Revólver Project), “Construction” (Espaço Avenida, EXD09).And the group exhibitions: “Território e fugas” (Galeria de Arte da Unicamp, Campinas – SP, Brasil),the event “Possible portrait and Triangular concert” (Galeria Appleton Square / EXD11), “Pôr-a-par” (Espaço Avenida), “Decrescente Fértil” (Plataforma Revólver, “Anteciparte 09”, Lisboa).

Visual artist and independent researcher develops work in drawing, performance, installation and art intervention, exploring the notion of ‘process’, seeking to test the limits of the definition and realisation of the work. Currently lives and works in Lisbon.

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