Adolfo Bimer by Ricardo April 27, 2019 0 Portfolios

Adolfo Bimer (Santiago, 1985). BFA Visual Arts Universidad de Chile (2011) and Art History studies at Utrecht Universiteit (2007). Since 2014, is Co-director of the Chilean artistic organization Sagrada Mercancía, working in an independent space in downtown Santiago, focused on promoting new practices on contemporary art production and discussion, developing several projects, mainly in Chile and Latin America.

His practice indagates on how medical image production systems represent the human body and how this data influences the social understanding of ourselves.

Medical archive typologies such as microscopy, X rays, scans and anatomical drawing, coincide with materic accidents that occur during studio experimentation. The generated information through these technologies is distorted for the production of paintings, photographs, sculptures and objects, configuring a visual language able to inspect the clinic notion of disease that we as individuals endure. His work turns samples into image, data and an object at the same time.