Curso: Side Lanes in Curatorial Practice by Ricardo Outubro 29, 2020 0 Novidades

Título: Side Lanes in Curatorial Practice

Formador: Azu Nwagbogu

Limite de Participantes: 10 participantes

Horário: 15 Jan 2021 (18:00 – 21:00), 16 Jan 2021 (15:00 – 18:00) e 18 Jan 2021 (18:00 – 21:00)


Língua: Este curso será realizado em Inglês.

Preço: 100€ + membership

This course will focus on the role of the image, objects and their assemblages in critical thinking around future fossils. We will also put to test those tropes and ideas as they relate to futures, made popular over the last decade, in contemporary visual culture and examine their fitness for use in our current dystopian reality. Finally we will reflect on the topical restitution debate and the possibilities of accelerating the process.

The course structure will adopt an intense schedule under these headings:

  1. Future Fossils? Archive, Sound, Document, Memory.
  2. Critical Design Aesthetics and Studio Photography in Africa.
  3. Case studies in art, photography and design. An assessment of major art exhibitions, and common tropes in contemporary art in relation to Africa and diaspora.
  4. Restitution and Museums in Africa.

Azu Nwagbogu is the Founder and Director of African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), a non- profit organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria. Nwagbogu was elected as the Interim Director/ Head Curator of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in South Africa from June 2018 to August 2019. Nwagbogu also serves as Founder and Director of LagosPhoto Festival, an annual international arts festival of photography held in Lagos. He is the creator of Art Base Africa, a virtual space to discover and learn about contemporary African Art. Nwagbogu was a juror for the Dutch Doc, POPCAP Photography Awards, the World press Photo, Prisma Photography Award (2015), Greenpeace Photo Award (2016), New York Times Portfolio Review (2017-18), W. Eugene Smith Award (2018), Photo Espana (2018), Foam Paul Huf Award (2019), Wellcome photography prize (2019) and is a regular juror for organisations such as Lensculture and Magnum.

For the past 20 years, he has curated private collections for various prominent individuals and corporate organisations in Africa. Nwagbogu obtained a Masters in Public Health from The University of Cambridge. He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.