Compass In Hand by Icaro Julho 23, 2023 0 Novidades

Compass In Hand
by Josie Alexandra

20th July | 7pm


Compass In Hand is a cinematic-sonic experience which departed from the perspective that “I was born in a wasteland of other peoples’ dreams” – aka the paradigm of the neo-liberal cis-het white supremacy patriarchy. Through processes of re-mythologisation, performance, ritual and the blurring of the medical and other realms within the pluriversal existence, Compass in Hand is the acknowledgment and reclaiming of agency and epistemology of the survivor, the neurodivergent, & the trans beings within the spiral of time.


Josie Alexandra is an experimental multi-disciplinary artist, fascinated by the potential of intra-personal relationships as sites for reclamation and transformation in world-making processes. Their work aims to create plausible futurisms for trans and neurodiverse communities and beyond in the current global crisis.

Josie’s praxis extends beyond the constraints of genre and is expressed through various artistic mediums (film, sound, poetry, painting, etc).

Forthcoming work seeks to re-narrativize understandings of personhood to celebrate non-binary and neurodiverse ways of being. To reclaim a sense of interiority, exploring relationships to the Virtual, Physical, and Digital.