Candela Pan by Icaro Fevereiro 06, 2022 0 Portefólios

Candela Pan was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1986, into a family of musicians.

She graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid.

She has lived in Spain and Morocco and since 2012 in Berlin (Germany), where she’s been working in very different artistic professions, which made possible for her to develop various artistic disciplines that have enriched the technical variety of her artworks.

In the framework of painting, drawing and sculpture, she works by merging materials and techniques, rich in textures, fleeing from the flat and the void. Starting from darkness, as the beginning of life, helps her find different possible paths to light. This connects her to the world of theatre. The creative impulse usually arises from deep emotions concerning issues that impact her or the need to report unfair situations. 
The wrinkles of the tissue paper, the drawing of the wire or the charcoal strokes on a painting are elements with which she creates the appropriate medium for her reflections on human behavior and its relationship with other living beings and the planet.