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Bryant Perkins is a consummate entrepreneur in the Journalism and Marketing industries– focusing on content creation, analytics, and storytelling. The former reporter once held editorial positions within People Magazine and Gannett’s USA Today Network. He’s working on his first non-fiction book, Salt + Sex Equals Art: Provocative Conversations About a Complex Equation and Creating Contemporary Art.
Discover the captivating relationship between salt, sex, and art with the enthralling book, Salt + Sex Equals Art. This unique work examines how various artists harnessed the power of salt and sex to become the artists they are today. The book is comprised of an engaging literary essay and a collection of 25 interviews with contemporary artists from different genders, nationalities, and ethnicities working in a range of mediums. By reading this book, artists and creatives can unlock the secrets to using salt and sex to enhance their own artistic creations.

When he’s not behind a desk, Bryant is behind the microphone producing podcasts– helping people tell their stories to a growing audience.