Arak Collection Curatorial Residency Fellowship for 2020 by Ricardo Setembro 06, 2020 0 Oportunidades



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ARAK Collection is happy to announce Sarah Abdu Bushra as our first recipient of the Arak Collection Curatorial Residency Fellowship for 2020. Sarah is a curator of visual and arts exhibitions. She’s a co-founder of Contemporary Nights, an Addis Ababa based curatorial forum. In her creative research practice, Sarah works with
performing artists looking at the body and its representations as a focal point of
exploration and a metaphor to navigate Ethiopian and East African contemporary
identity. Towards this end, she has written a book called, Movements Mean More,
documenting traditional dances, navigating Ethiopia’s historical and cultural anchor
and weaving its contemporary identity through movements.

Sarah will be in residence at our Doha based research facility and we look forward to
working with Sarah and sharing our collection and its potential with her and her new
look into it.

Doha has become in the last decade a serious and relevant city for the appreciation,
discussion and practice of contemporary art practices, having developed, hosted and
initiated projects that involve Artists, Curators and Art Writers from all over the world.

ARAK Collection is a complimentary contribution to this local and international
dialogue, focusing on Artists, Curators and Art Writers from Sub-Saharan Africa.
We are proud to inaugurate our Curatorial Residency Program with an Ethiopian
born curator that currently lives and works in Addis Ababa.

About ARAK Collection Curatorial Residency Program:

The ARAK Collection Annual Residency Fellowship Program aims to promote a better knowledge and understanding of Contemporary Sub-Saharan Art in the Middle East and Beyond through research of the extensive works part of their collection.

The resident guest curator is expected to research the collection with the intention
of curating an exhibition and writing the exhibition catalogue at the end of the
residency period, after in-depth research and the submission of a curatorial concept
to be approved by the ARAK Collection Curatorial Advisory Committee.