Yan Guaracy by Ricardo December 21, 2018 0 Portfolios, Uncategorized

Yan Guaracy is Brazilian, born in Paraíba and has lived in São Paulo since 2010. He is trained in visual merchandising by Senac São Paulo, worked with brand identity and production of advertising campaigns. Since 2016 he has been developing his research with colours and geometric shapes and works his paintings with acrylic. He looks for abstract references intuitively, and through observation his artistic research is especially associated with the way he thinks, sees and feels the world around him. Nature, indigenous culture, Afro-Brazilian religion, and cities are some of the themes it addresses in its creative process. The formal project that he would like to develop in Hangar would be linked to the process of intervention of the pictorial space, deconstructing it and transforming it into a third dimension, creating possibilities of using new techniques/materials and creating new visual concepts.