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The salted paper print was invented by Fox Talbot, a photography pioneer, in 1835. It was a technique used until c. 1855, eventually replaced by the albumen silver print. The salted paper print is a fascinating process that gives us back the artisanal construction of a photographic image in a world where digital photography covers the origins of images produced through light.

In this workshop we will cover the entire photographic process, from diluting the photographic solutions, expose the paper, until the final contact print. Knowing this process provides a singular autonomy regarding this alternative way of making photography, a slow, laborious but complete way that originates printed images, rather than digital files.

In this workshop we will recover these techniques in a photography laboratory environment, making prints through exposing direct solar light in objects gathered by the participants of local flora (leaves, branches, flowers and others). In these two days of work we will cover all the techniques and procedures to produce a salted paper print.


11th July (10 am – 1 pm + 3 pm – 6 pm)

Introducing the salted paper technique.

Viewing of some salted paper prints.

Diluting the silver nitrate solution.

Diluting the gelatine and sodium chloride solution.

Exposing the paper in the gelatine and sodium chloride solution.

Drying and storing the paper.

12th July (3 pm – 7 pm)

Exposing the paper in the silver nitrate solution.


Using the exposing press.

Solar exposing.


Viewing and discussing the results.

Minimum age: 16 years old.

Previous knowledge of photography is not required.


60€ – 10 hours


geral[at] | + 351 218 870 490

Registration is mandatory, by paying in advance the price of the workshop. Limited spots. HANGAR has the right of cancelling the workshop in case of insufficient number of registrations. The program is subject to changes.