“On the Wolf’s Trail” Session 1 – Sonic Dive by Icaro June 11, 2023 0 News, Workshop

“On the Wolf’s Trail” Session 1 – Sonic Dive

June 17th | 4 pm

Ritual conducted by Mónica Alquimia

Limited to 20 places.


Mónica Alquimia will lead a sonic meditation ritual that invites participants to cross the linearity of space-time, proposing reconnection with the primordial habitats of the deep ocean. This ritual begins with breath, and will guide us through a trance state, supported by instruments, towards other sensory and imagetic dimensions, inscribed in the textures of the organic, transgenerational, and transpersonal body. This session, developed in conversation with Margarida Mendes, aims to deepen acoustic and corporal states of consciousness, by accessing alternative modes of perception that expand through a shared aquatic subconscious.

This proposal involves an opening to the dissolution of the senses and is aimed at those who are comfortable to enter states of corporeal trance.


Mónica Alquimia has traveled the world in search of the experience of the sacred, of transcendence and of genuine adventure in profound journeys that have transformed the perception and awareness of herself, life, and the experience of the divine. She has crossed deserts, oceans and endless roads, lived in ashrams, participated in rituals and ceremonies, climbed sacred mountains, visited temples and countless places of power. Mónica graduated in Social Anthropology at ISCTE, specializing in Asian Religions, Ritual and Performance. Since then she has deepened her practice and study of shamanic traditions, having started learning in 1995 directly with a medicine woman in the North American and Amazonian tradition. In her eclectic path she has integrated ancient and contemporary knowledge and for that she has done numerous trainings and immersions, having obtained certification in Alchemical Spirituality, Shamanic Family Constellation, Rebirthing Therapy, Sound Massage, Sound Healing, Inca Initiations, Essential Shamanism (FFSS), Somatic Experiencing, Quantum Healing, Radiesthesia and Conscious Geobiology, Sacred Feminine and others. Currently she is attending the International Specialization course in Somatic Psychotherapy in Biosynthesis. Mónica dedicates her life to fulfilling her service to the elevation and transformation of consciousness with an enormous love for the Earth. She is mother of two children and lives in Arrábida Natural Park.