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Ancestros Indigestos / Indigestive Ancestors
(as part of the exhibition Canibalia, redux)

Artist: Carlos Monleón

Date: Saturday 1st of April 2017 at 5pm

Free Entrance
Registration: (subject: workshop Indigestive Ancestors)

Image extract of the publication made in collaboration by Carlos Monleón, Cráter Invertido and Zúngale

“Ancestros Indigestos” (Indigestive Ancestors) is a practice-based, discourse-driven workshop on fermented foods of symbiotic origin such as kefir, tibicos and kombucha. By learning about our microbial pasts, we will de-anthropomorphize the notion of cannibalism to understand it as a process of shared and reciprocal nourishment.
The workshop will also cover the practical aspects of keeping and enjoying fermenting communities and will be the beginning of the recipes that will be served at Hangar throughout the duration of Canibalia, redux.

Carlos Monleón (born Madrid 1983) works between different levels of bodily sensation and awareness, from the biological to the performative and social bodies.
He is mostly doing collaborative work, which he has shown at Seventeen Gallery, AutoItalia, CA2M , Matadero and HIAP amongst others.

This program is part of Lisbon Ibero-american Capital of Cultura 2017.