William Pham by Ricardo April 15, 2020 0 Portfolios

HANGAR will receive the British resident artist William Pham through June and July 2015. Pham is a multimedia artist whose works reflect his interests in architecture, theatre, and performance. Pham photography transforms the image into the architectural. The textures of these works create a certain intimacy with between the image and the viewer. He also transforms real images into stage scenarios for recorded performances. For his recorded performances, Pham uses a choreography of abstract gestures that relate presence to surveillance about a body and plays these concepts as narrative scenes. Pham is interested in relationship between performance, architecture, and their documentation.

Pham received a BA of Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Art in 2013. He worked as a Workshop Apprentice at the London Sculpture Workshop, Bermondsey. His recent exhibitions include: Lar Exhibition in Curitiba Brazil (2015); Hotel Ephant in London (2015); Thunderflux, Haha Gallery in Southampton (2014). His awards include: CCW Artists Moving Image with his exhibition in South London Gallery (2011). Pham will start his post-graduate studies at Royal Academy Schools, London, in September 2015.

The residence of William Pham at Hangar is supposed by Gaswoks.