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Video Screening

I’m looking at that wardrobe, but it was smaller

by Salomé Lamas

curator: Bruno Leitão

Opening: 15 March | 7 pm

until April 2nd

[ wednesday to saturday | 3 pm to 7 pm ]



Film HD (color, stereo); no dialogues,

LE BOUDIN (2014) 16’

Film HD (color, stereo); languages: Portuguese + German, English subtitles


Film HD (color, stereo); languages: Portuguese , English subtitles


The work of Salomé Lamas generally belongs to the category of non-fiction, yet her art is not delimited solely to this genre, and often crosses over into the realm of fiction. Thus, her films, though anchored in facts, explore stories and sections of history that not only lack sufficient acknowledgement, but are sometimes not depicted at all: the drama of war, and the psychological effects of warfare upon those who commit acts of war in the name of governments or individuals, who direct with more or less legal and moral legitimacy.

HANGAR is exhibiting three films: NO MAN´S LAND, LE BOUDIN and TOWER. The protagonists of the first two films were combatants and mercenaries, whose personal accounts defy imagination. The stories told are linked to Portugal´s colonial past, with special attention to the countries criminal and correctional system, and the inability of democracies to enforce its own ideals. Between these films, is Lamas´ visual essay, entitled Tower, which presents an escape from the previous works, and offers a preview of the other universes through which the director moves, namely the space between the symbolic and the real.

Salomé Lamas (b.1987) works and lives in Lisbon. She studied cinema (directing and editing) in Lisbon at ESTC, and Prague at FAMU International, Charles University. MFA in fine arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and is a PHD candidate in artistic studies (film studies) at Coimbra University. She has been working with time-based image and has exhibit both in art spaces and film festivals in Portugal and abroad. In 2012 she won a special mention at Ernesto de Sousa Grant, the New Talent Award/FNAC at IndieLisboa2012, and best documentary international competition at 20ºCurtas Vila do Conde. Salomé Lamas is a lecture, a filmmaker and a researcher.